Converse Artist Series

Tyler, the Creator is proceeding with his work with Converse, however this time he isn’t making more combines for his Golf Le Fleur line. The Flower Boy rapper has curated a forthcoming Converse Artist Series.

Tyler, the Creator Converse Artist Series Release Date

The gathering will comprise of two Chuck 70s and a One Star planned by Tyler’s companion Wyatt Navarro and Norwegian craftsman Øyvind Lauvdahl. Navarro’s match highlights beautiful illustrations like faces, planets, chains, and headstones on a cream-hued canvas upper with blue and orange itemizing. Lauvdahl’s One Star creation falls in accordance with his general tasteful. It’s secured with highly contrasting representations roused by the winters in Norway like a timberland, falling body, and content that peruses, “…Run, Before It’s Too Late.” Navarro and Lauvdahl additionally met up on a white Chuck 70 shrouded in rainbow-shaded visuals that intertwine the motivations of every craftsman.

The topics Navarro and Lauvdahl pass on through their work of art are on the double comparative and one of a kind to their neighborhood substances.

Wyatt’s doodles on the Converse Chuck 70 shape a fantastic, semi-brilliant print on material canvas reminiscent of lively Los Angeles road craftsmanship. In the mean time, Øyvind’s despairing high contrast conspire on the One Star passes on the confinement of Norway in obscurity winter months. The two specialists likewise worked together on a Chuck 70, gave split side structures to demonstrate their differentiating imaginative perspectives.

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